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Mozilla related links:
- Mozilla.org
The home of the Mozilla browser.
- Mozilla Deutsch
The home of the German-language version of the Mozilla browser.
- Mozilla Europe. The link will automatically take you to the Mozilla Europe page in your language if you have set up your browser's language preferences accordingly or if you use a browser in your language.
- Mozilla Brazil
This is the Brazilian Mozilla users community website, in Portuguese.
- Mozilla 1.7 Start Page
This page has a lot of links to Mozilla related sites and information about the Mozilla browser and how to get involved.
- Mozillazine.de
Mozillazine's German-language counterpart.
- Ed Mullen's Mozilla Help page. This is the entry point to Ed Mullen's little collection of tips, tricks, links, etc. for Mozilla and Mozilla-based products such as Netscape.
- Mozilla Bookmarks
This site has a very large list of Mozilla-related links. If you cannot find something you are looking for on my site - especially if you are looking for developer-related links, make sure to check out this site.
- Warpzilla
If you are using Mozilla on OS/2, this is the place to go.
- Holger Metzger's Netscape 6/7 and Mozilla help site
This is a German-language Netscape 6/7 and Mozilla help site. It has a lot of tips&tricks. An English and a French version of his site are available, as well.
- Mozilla Customization
This page describes how to customize mozilla for a multi-user community. "Our goal is to make it possible to automatically generate a Mozilla configuration on the server for each user as soon as he is created. Moreover, we want to lock certain settings, so that users cannot change them."
- Hidden Mozilla prefs
This site lists some useful hidden Mozilla preferences (i.e. for which there is no graphical user interface but that can be activated by adding them to "prefs.js" or "user.js").
- Silly Dog
Silly Dog features a Netscape browser archive, version history, wallpapers, forums, and tips on using Netscape Browsers.
- The Netscape unofficial FAQ
The Netscape Champions Team has put together a loosely edited list of Frequently Asked Questions that have been posted and answered in Netscape discussion groups. While we do have connections to Netscape, these answers are the work of various individuals and are not necessarily endorsed by Netscape Communications Corporation.
- Newzilla's Mozilla section
This site hasn't been updated in a while, but it offers a lot of information on the Mozilla browser.
- Newzilla's Netscape 6 section
- Mozillazine
This is a good place to go for Mozilla news. Their forums are very nice. If you have questions or comments about Mozilla, they are the place to go.
- Moz Tips
This site offers help on using and tweaking Mozilla, plus some very well-written and interesting Articles on open-source, Mozilla,...
- Grayrests Mozilla News
- Live Sidebar
This site offers interesting sidebar tabs and sidebar resources.
- Ars Technica - Mozilla Milestone 1.0: the Review
The review covers both the Mozilla project as well as the browser itself and its components.

Computer related links:
- Van's Hardware
Van's Hardware is a very good hardware site. It has excellent articles and most importantly Van & Co are unbiased by advertising money. This definitley sets them apart from many other hardware sites on the net. Make sure to check out their forums. The admins do a great job keeping flames, trolling and personal attacks at a minimum which makes them a nice place to discuss computers, politics and a host of other topics.
Note: This site is currently only infrequently updated. Van Smith will hopefully be back in the future.
The forums are now under the name "Flickerdown Data Systems Forums". Flickerdown has a nice hardware site, as well.
- The Inquirer
This is another good hardware site. It is updated several times a day and a great place to go for Computer related new and reviews. What makes them stick out is their writers' good sense of humor.
- Ace's Hardware
Ace's Hardware has excellent in-depth articles and reviews. The site is not updated on a daily basis but when it is they are offering top-notch content. Their forums are also nice but trolling and personal attacks unfortunately occur more frequently than I'd like. Still, it's a great site.
- AMD Zone
If you like or use AMD CPUs, this is the place to go. It's obviously going to be biased towards AMD (the name kinda gives that away), but they offer great reviews of cases, video cards and other hardware, along with Computer related news. It's definitely a good site.
Miller Microcomputer
For those of you who are looking for computer services from fellow Mozilla users.

note: I am not responsible for the content of linked sites.

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