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Hi and welcome to Gunnars.net

Site news:
May 31st: It's been a while since the last status update. Work has been very busy, plus I am currently technical editor for a book on Firefox, so that does not leave me much free time. Still, I managed to add an "about:config", a Firefox bookmarks and a Firefox cookies tutorial. Check them out!
In addition, I have cleaned up the Mozilla Help start page. What else is new for this site: Traffic is around 9 GB/month, so visits have gone up slightly (on average 1,500/day). A main problem for The Mozilla Help Site is that I apparently ticked off someone at Mozillazine since they will not post new tutorials to their news site, while they supposedly post "anything Mozilla-related".
Since this site is still billed as a Mozilla Suite-only help site, I have to rely on Google and word-of-mouth for Firefox users to find the new tutorials. It is sad to see when petty politics and ego issues interfere with trying to help improve the Mozilla (Firefox, Thunderbird) experience.
On the positive side, Mozilla Brazil asked if they could use/translate the content of this page, to which I gladly agreed. The more people who benefit from this site's content, the better! After all, this site exists for the benefit of Mozilla Suite, Firefox and Thunderbird users.
Lastly, sales for 98Lite and 2000/XPLite have pretty much flatlined, i.e. there are no sales. I am still leaving the banners on (you never know), but mostly at the bottom of pages where they don't interfere with the pages' content or search engine indexing.

March 6th: Traffic for this site has remained stable at between 7,5 - 8 GB / month. The overall number of visitors is slightly down. This may in part be due to Mozilla's support pages listing this site under "Mozilla Suite Support". While it is an honor to be one of the three official support sites listed, The Mozilla Help Site also offers help for Firefox and Thunderbird, i.e. I am increasingly adding content for these two programs due to their increased popularity.
Sales of 98Lite and 2000/XP Lite have decreased noticeably. Where this site referred at least a sale per day (often much more) during the best times, one or two sales a week is now the norm, which is why I will begin to remove banners from some of the pages to free up screen space for Mozilla Help-related content.
In any case, the banner did earn the Mozilla foundation over $2,300, which helped improve your favorite software, so they were a success. Then again, most good things do come to an end at some point.

January 5th, 2005: The Mozilla Help Site has earned US $246.00 since the last donation. LitePC.com rounded that up to AUD$350 (Australian Dollars).
This amount has been donated to the Australian Red Cross Tsunami Appeal in order to help the vicitms of this terrifying disaster (You can find the receipt here). If you have not yet donated for disaster relief, please do so - there are things that are far more important than supporting your favorite browser.
I wish everyone all the best for 2005!

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General news:
September 15th: Mozilla 1.7.3, Firefox 1.0PR (preview release) and Thunderbird 0.8 have been released. They all contain fixes for several security bugs that have been found through Mozilla's new Bug Bounty Program. You can see that Mozilla takes security very seriously, offering a $500 reward for every security bug that is found.
Mozilla 1.7.3 does not contain any new features over 1.7.2 besides the security bug fixes (Thunderbird 0.8 and Firefox 1.0PR do). You can get all three at Mozilla.org.

September 11th: This is already old news, but Netscape 7.2, based on Mozilla 1.7.2, which contains the latest security fixes, has been released a little while ago. I am very happy with it. The only downside is that the Netscape toolbar only works with Netscape search, which, although powered by Google, is IMHO not as good as Google's search. The positive part is that the toolbar allows you to quickly clear the browser history, block/unblock popup windows and fill in forms.

June 18th: Mozilla 1.7 has been released. It will be the new stable branch, replacing Mozilla 1.4.
Mozilla 1.7 has a lot of improvements and new features. It is especially interesting for those of you who were having problems with IMAP mail.
Some other interesting new features are:
- Mozilla can now show your saved passwords (master password is required for this)
- FTP upload is now available from the file menu. This was one of the features many former Netscape 4 users were missing
- Multiple identities for the same email account
You can find more information on what's new and improved in the Release Notes.
The Inquirer has a nice review of Mozilla 1.7: Mozilla 1.7 Suite: a role model against browser anorexia.
Note: If you are experiencing crashes on pages that use JAVA (e.g. for games), especially when also using the Ad Block extension, updating to the latest available version of SUN JRE will solve the problem.

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